Friday, December 31, 2021

A wee .. very wee wrapup

 I am planning to take a day to myself today and try not to think of all the things I could be doing today. Although I complained on Instagram about being in the the kitchen for the past 4 days I baked muffins this morning. 

I had to remove a container of frozen pumpkin puree to fit the turkeys in the freezer so pumpkin oatmeal muffins it is 😍  

I don't think it is the prepping or the cooking or the baking ---- it's the cleaning.Well no more cleaning up today and supper is YOYO (you're on your own). We seem to have tons of leftovers .

I am feeling a bit down today because we we're supposed to have the family (all 10 of us) here for a Christmas celly. Unfortunately Nick (Holly's partner) wasn't feeling good and bowed out of Christmas day and is now waiting to be tested. Now this morning Holly is having some symptoms. Good or bad we did celebrate with Holly and the kiddos for Christmas day. At the time we said what the hell but now I'm thinking it wasn't such a great idea. We had a fantastic day and I know the kids really enjoyed themselves. When HB shopped for turkey he couldn't find one good sized one so he got 2 small ones. lots of turkey and both households got carcasses for stock.

Didn't do a ton of knitting this year year for gifts. As a matter of fact I only knitted a pair of fingerless gloves for my friend Monique  and headbands for my daughters. 

I am still slugging away on the sweater for HB ---- sleeves are done and I have about 4 inches done on the body . Then there is the shawl I started when I was in Nova Scotia in October. I've found a pattern for ear flap hats to make for the kids from Purl Soho using bulky Yarn ......  :-)

Tried my hand at baked doughnuts. 

We were invited for lunch at my daughter's ,Siobhan , Christmas eve and I have a really hard time not bringing something sweet. It's a recipe I found It is a vegan recipe and is delicious. I SHALL be making these again!! The Arnprior kiddlys approve.

The Carleton Place Christmas bird count is over for another year. 

Seems to have been heavy on the gold finch front this year. Traditionally  we have tortiere for supper that night.

 I say traditionally cuz we have been doing this for about 10 years . And now that I have discovered I have French roots it seems more of a tradition. I use the Processer Pastry recipe from Canadian Living and the Tortiere recipe from them as well.  The pastry is my go to and turns out every time .... every time. 

So Happy New Year cuz I am posting this new year's eve🍾πŸ₯‚

And I hope you are all well and happy!! Ciao to 2021 ..... bring on 2022..... 

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

 Seems we are in a straight on gallop to Christmas. i have come to a few decisions that are easing up the pressure to make everything perfect. One thing is the baking. every year I bake and bake and bake and by the time the season is over the squirrels are having a lovely party with all the leftover cookies. This year I have scaled the baking down. Of course there are shortbread cookies, 

What is Christmas in a mostly Anglo Saxon family without those crumbly melt in the mouth goodies? There is fudge to put in the gift bags as well. And yes there are marshmallows 

to put in the hot chocolate prezzies for neighbourhood kiddos and my hair stylist's kids. The rest of my baking is heavy on vegan sweets Chocolate Crinkle cookies  and Vegan Pffernause... the whole family can eat those and they are delicious. Of course there is Tortiere ( a wee nod to my French heritage) for the Bird count day supper (December 27th th). Geesh reading back over this it still seems like a lot but believe me compared to other years it is not. Making Jamie Oliver's get ahead gravy this week. Over the years I have put my own tweaks to it so its's probably Zaza's get ahead gravy now with a wuz up nod to Jamie 

Last weekend was the annual lunch and cookie decorating. 


I feel it may be becoming less and less interesting for Miles and Riley who are 10 but going on 20. I may have to go back to houses and see how that goes. All this started with houses and then morphed into cookies but I'm thinking houses may hold more interest. It was a fun day just the same with all of us together. It is quite a house full and now with Holly's new beau , Nick, makes us 10. 

There is evidence in the snow that we may have a homeless kitty or 2 around. 


We have also seen a big ole Tom cat scurrying through the backyard. I have picked up a box of "crunchies"  to put a bit of sustenance out there. I also have a bird bath heater in the shed that I may try to drag out. May be quite the task cuz the shed is pretty full of summer things ---- packed to the gunnels as they say.

I have started making my winter suet for the birds ( which I posted about last time)which they seem to enjoy immensely. I thought I would bougie it up a bit and pick up safflower seeds. Well I think our birds are not bougie enough  and will not touch them at all. Give them good ole black sunflower seeds and some millet and they are in heaven. The finches are enjoying the nyger in the feeder altho they seem to be quite happy with the white millet. I guess this is good cuz it won't break the bank. If you want the suet recipe type suet recipe in the search bar above. Duhhhhhh!!! Hahahaha.


Check the highlighted cookie names. Links to recipe.


Friday, December 10, 2021

 December 6th 

Feeling a little under the weather today. Nothing serious probably just need to take a slower day. Perfect day for it as it is freezing rain this morning and then rain this afternoon but mild 9*. Of course tomorrow it is -9 so everything will be a sheet of ice 😱

Feeders are topped and new suet is made.

So at least the birds are taken care of.

Well where did those 4 days go. Here it is December 10th. 

Lots of things have been happening at the Raspberry Patch.  I just haven't taken the time to write about any of it.   A bit of baking . A bit of entertaining. Some shopping. Always cleaning and the never ending laundry saga. The weather is crazy pants these last couple weeks. It's been cold and snowy. And mild and raining. 

A few outside decorations. Is it just my little town or does it seem more people are decorating their outside. I've also noticed how fast lights and decorations have sold in the stores.

Well there we go a little wrap up of the last few days. This weekend is our annual family lunch and cookie decorating.  And next week will be busy with more baking, wrapping, and dropping off friends prezzies.  

Til then stay safe and enjoy the season.🀢

Sunday, December 5, 2021

 So yesterday was a busy one and by the time I was ready to chill that's what I wanted to do.  A glass of wine, Iain's pizza, and a hockey game and that was my evening. 

It was a heavy kitchen day yesterday. I have been very inspired by a few IG profiles of late. One being Jo-Anna at a pretty life . She also has a blog. I have lusted after a spritz cookie  press for quite a few years and finally bought myself the Oxo one. My first foray into this adventure was not terribly successful--- sticky dough, and flavourless cookies. I was not deterred and tried Jo-Anna's recipe. A lot more success although I still have work to do. I will not be embarrassed to give these wee cookies as gifts or serve them on a cookie tray.

Norman approves πŸ‘¨‍🍳

I definitely have to work on the heart shape 🀣❤🀣

Next weekend is our annual family Christmas lunch and cookie decorating.  Of course last year we couldn't all be together altho we managed to fit kid sleepovers and decorating between lockdowns. This is the best vegan gingerbread cookie dough I have found. I must admit I haven't tried any other cuz this one works a charm. I have put the dough in the freezer and will bake the cookies off next Saturday. 

Well that's it for now. 🀢

Oh ya and it snowed yesterday. 

Friday, December 3, 2021

December 3rd

 Starting to get the house in the spirit of the season.

Hot chocolate station is ready to go

Tree is up and decorated. I thought of getting a new one this year but this little guy or as Fox calls it --- Nona's baby tree -- does the trick. Norman likes hanging out underneath. It's so much fun bringing out ornaments that I have collected over the years and received from family and friends. 

House is clean and tidied up for the weekend. I plan on doing a bit of baking and the never ending battle with laundry. 

Snow is in the forecast.  🀢

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Christmas at the Raspberry Patch

 Just popping by to say HI and say I will be posting if not daily then every few days.

There will be baking, decorating, family frolicking, friends, outside things, and hopefully lots more.

Until next time ---- 🀢

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Almost there --- wherever there is

 Saturday the 12th

Daphne and Fox were up kinda early this morning 5:20 but with gentle persuading I managed to get them back to bed til 6. Why does 6 feel so much better than 5:20

After a bit of morning play and 2 breakfasts it was time for cookie decorating.

Lots of sprinkles and icing and yes a bit of taste tasting.

Cookie decorating is hard work!

The weather was slightly unpredictable so the day was cut shorter than I would have liked and we took them home early in the afternoon.

Sunday the 13th

A bit of post grandkid tidy up and maybe a little nap.

I did get my shortbread made after perusing all my recipes. I knew I had one that was the tastiest but do you think I could remember. This is one of the reasons I am doing a Christmas planner/journal this year. As luck would have it I chose the right one.   

HB made pizza and I may have a had a big glass of wine.

Monday the 14th

Time for Jamie Oliver's get ahead gravy. I'm not a huge Jamie recipe fan although I do enjoy his Christmas shows. It could be those English decorations and occasional glimpses at English robins ...but I digress. I love this recipe and have been using it for years. The house smells like Christmas or Thanksgiving whatever the upcoming holiday is.

BBQd pork chops with roasted broccoli and cauliflower for supper.

Tuesday the 15th

Today was supposed to be marshmallow day. However I found that I have no clear corn syrup which is one of the sugar ingredients of these particular marshmallows. Tomorrow is the weekly shop day so I guess tomorrow is the day. I use the Ina Garten coconut marshmallow recipe minas the coconut.

My knitting mo jo has been totally turned off this past week. I finished up beanies for all the kiddos and a blanky for Echo. Maybe I am just yarned out for now. I know it will come back. I have a few ideas to start the new year off with.

I've been working on a Helix sweater by La Bien Aimee with Drops baby Merino n a lovely plum purple colour. I have the hem and sleeves to do. Then the dreaded button bands. 

pic taken October 2020

Sausage with lentils and veggie soup for supper.

Wednesday the 16th

Today was marshmallow day --- Hurrah!! I love making marshmallows although I don't think my machine is so thrilled. She gets a little warm by the end of it.

I also baked off the pieces for the gingerbread houses.

I did manage to get laundry done. Tidy the upstairs and get the kiddos room cleaned up ready for the next round.

Thursday the 17th

Gingerbread house construction. They look a little wonky. I know once the icing and candies are applied no one will notice πŸ˜€

Prezzies are wrapped. Christmas eve bags are ready. I started doing them a few years ago -- Christmas pjs, a book, Christmas socks, hot chocolate, and reindeer food. 

Reindeer Food:   Bird seed, and coloured sugar! The kids love tossing this outside for Santa's reindeer and the resident felines love the other critters it attracts.

I have made a couple cookie boxes for my neighbour and my hair stylist.

Chicken piccata with roasted  sweet potatoes for supper tonight

Friday the 18th

My youngest niece is 23 today WAIT? WHAT? 

Today is my get your thoughts organized day. Organized my Christmas planner. I sure hope it comes in handy for next year --- hopefully I can remember where I store it πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

I also made new suet for the birds. No set amounts but I used peanut butter and lard (probably about half a cup each) large flaked oats, raisins, then enough bird seed to hold it together. Popped in the freezer. I put it out this afternoon and so far we have had lots of chickadees, white breasted nuthatch , 2 red breasted nuthatches. I also cleaned up the water feature and the birds are lovin it. We usually get between 10 and 15 mourning doves swoop down during supper

Fish and chips tonight.

Enjoy your week and take a few moments for yourself !!