Friday, November 4, 2022

Second Week Flying Solo

 My second week of "flying solo".

 I thought I would be going bonkers by now but I have kept busy with lots of little projects. Don't get me wrong I miss my HB more than I can say. 

Lots of old movies, knitting vlogs, hockey games, and decluttering. I did spend most of last weekend cleaning up a horrible flooding mess in the old laundry room, Suffice it to say it was not the way I wanted to spend the weekend. It's all fixed now and cleaned up.

I have been trying to eat as gluten free as much I can. I've made up a gluten free baking mix and have made blueberry muffins and banana bread. Great for my mid morning snack. I'm finding that if I do eat a bit of bread or any gluten product my stomach gets a very bloaty feeling ..... not pleasant

GF Baking Mix

1 cup white rice flour

1 cup brown rice flour

2/3 of a cup potatoe starch

1/3 of a cup tapioca starch

I have read if you are making a dough say for pizza you should add one quarter of a teaspoon xanthium gum to 1 cup mix. It helps to give the dough that gluteny feel.

I haven't tried this myself yet but may give it a try this week.

My thoughts are crazy pants with Christmas. Got my cards and have started organizing my planner. I had a planner for the past 3 Christmases but I CANNOT find that sucker anywhere.   So the only thing to do is yes start a new one. Norman is rolling his eyes at me.

This weekend Holly and the kiddos are coming for pizza. The weather has been spectacular. Saturday is supposed to be sunny and 21c (70F). Is it really November??? Global warning sucks but this is one of the nicer side effects for us anyway. The garden is still showing off its beauty.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Keepin Busy While my HB is Away

 HB is off on his once in a lifetime trip to Argentina. A 70th BD prezzy 2 years late. So here I am flying solo for 3 weeks. My IG # is #zazasflyingsolo So far (it's only been 4 days) but I'm doing ok. Keeping busy with a few things to clean up in the garden. Tidying up the house. Making soup.

 knitting. Actually I'm working on a crochet blanket with Bernat's Blanket Yarn using a 10mm hook. It is pretty mindless ----- chain 100 then double crochet in each chain. Then back and forth back and forth. I think I'm going to need about 7 skeins of this stuff. It is a blanky for HB to wrap around his 6 foot self on those nippy nights.

I finished the Joji Locatelli shawl I started about 3 months ago. There is a lovely pattern at the end of her shawl however with the Covid fog brain I had I couldn't wrap my head around the pattern. Don't get me wrong it isn't the pattern it is totally me. I ended up doing a garter stitch . 

 I have HB's sweater (Tin Can Knits North Shore) to work on. This has taken me over a year to get the body and sleeves done and now it is down to the colourwork yoke. Of course HB expected his sweater ready in a few weeks . HAHAHA expectations of a non knitter. My goal is Christmas but who knows! I have a few wee projects in the queue for Christmasas well.

Time to put Halloween away and dare I say it start planning for Christmas ----- Norman says YES!!!!!!!

Monday, October 10, 2022

Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada

 Well here we are  October 6th. September just didn't seem to happen. I contacted Covid as the month started and that was it for the month. Sore throat , coughing, being extremely tired, and just not having any mo jo to do anything the month flew by without me. I am just starting to feel better and now it's time to start lists and try to catch up on life.

The gardens are screeching out to put them to bed.

 I have a few things done but there is so much more to do. This weekend (Thanksgiving) is supposed to be lovely. We aren't doing any family cellys as Iain is heading to a trip to Argentina ----- his 70th BD gift 2 years late ---- and the last thing he wants is a cold or flu. Holly's work and the kiddos school are rampant with Covid and colds. Sio is sick with a cold and her 2 kiddlys are just recovering.  Maybe I can get out in the garden and get a few things done.

Of course the house is in need of a good clean and tidy.  And there is always laundry to do. We are also decluttering and packing things in the event that we move in the spring. 

I have been going through my old blogs and others who are still blogging. I love looking back on them and even if no one else sees them I enjoy it. Blogging seems to becoming an ancient art as a lot more people are doing vlogs and have you tube channels. I am not that disciplined 

I have been doing a bit of apple baking this fall. So far there has been French Apple Cake and Apple Crisp.

My IG friend Monique has shared a few apple recipes with me. I may not get around to them all but I will give it the old college try. 

Friday was apple pie baking day. I have made one for ourselves and one for Miles. There is a pumpkin pie being made Saturday cuz Riley wants pumpkin. 

A quiet dinner just us.

Hope all my Canadian family and friends had a terrific Thanksgiving weekend

Friday, May 6, 2022

Greenhouse, Sister, Allergies, and Cinco de Mayo

 Finally after our long winter I am able to get into the GH and get a few plantings and transferring done.

 Spring has not been kind to us either. It has been cold and wet and gray.  I have to say the month of April was not good for my mental health. With upheaval in Ukraine and questioning getting out in the public again I have had a tough time. Of course with the gray days it did nothing to lift my spirit. Yes the Ukraine and Covid questioning are still uppermost on my mind but the days are starting to get sunnier and getting outside has helped my bummer mood intensely. 

And I am excited for my sister to visit the end of the month. I've been busy planning meals and excursions. She's here for 6 days but we will pack in lots. I have put in my request for wonderful weather so fingers crossed. We want to sit on the patio with a wee drink in hand. It will make day trips more fun too.

Anyone else experiencing intense allergy symptoms this year. My allergies of choice are boxelder, maple , and cedar. I will give you 3 guesses what grows in abundance around us and the first 2 do not count. Mine are through the roof. Even though my meds are drowsy free they are not and by mid afternoon I am ready to call it a day. My other symptom is an already dry eye syndrome that is much more and  doesn't seem any amount of drops lubes them. 

Cinco de Mayo just happened and I love a good theme supper.  Margaritas on the patio enjoying the wonderful sunshine and 18 *C. 

Then inside for a plate of  chicken enchiladas and guacamole and southwestern salad.

So there's a glimpse of the first week in May at the Raspberry Patch

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Happy Pancake/Shrove Tuesday

 Happy Pancake Tuesday !!    

Altho around here pancakes are an absolute staple when grand children visit but how wonderful to have a day to celebrate the delicious little griddle cake. I have tried umpteen and that is a lot of pancake recipes. We do have vegans in the family and I have tried almost as many recipes for them. Here are two of my go to recipes right now.  Just press on the link .....


Vegan Pancakes

Always served with lots of strawberries and bananas and the requisite whipped cream (coconut cream for my vegans). And for my meat loving grandson always bacon or sausages.

And eat them like a boss!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Robbie Burns Day

 In the past and by past I mean 2 years ago we would have a few friends in to celebrate Scotland's Bard. We would dress as tartany as we could and sip Robbie Burns cocktails. Followed by my version of a Scottish meal. No Haggis at the Raspberry Patch.  This year and last as well we are in Stage 2 of a lockdown. That means no more than 5 people in your home so another year of no dinner party. We didn't celebrate last year but this year we are. The table is set with plaid and white with jeweled napkin holders. 

They remind me of a neck brooch my Scottish mother in law would wear. This day reminds me of my in laws even more than usual . My very proud Scottish MIL and my English honourary Scottish FIL who could recite Burns poetry better than anyone.

Robbie Burns Cocktail

2 ounces Scotch whiskey

1/4 ounce sweet vermouth

1 dash orange bitter or a slice of orange zest

Pour ingredients in a shaker filled with ice. Do your best Tom Cruise (Cocktail 1988) . Pour into chilled cocktail glass.   Slainte!!

Salmon Wellington  For 2

There are lots of recipes on line. I did my own thing and collaborated a few recipes together. Hey it's salmon and puff pastry how can it go wrong?

Roasted root vegetables

Scottish trifle     The thing that makes it Scottish rather than English? I used Cardu Scotch LOL

Wishng you all a wonderful Bard day!

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Covid and Snow Storms

 Covid finally hit our little families. And hit them hard.  My poor G daughter R was pretty much out of it for 2 days straight.  Four days of being knocked on asses. G son M showed no symptoms whatsoever despite being in close contact with them. Undoubtedly he was asymptomatic. He has had one vax but R has had none .... What a terrible feeling of helplessness not being to help with too much other than bringing groceries and fresh baked muffins. Of course we were exposed to this virus over Christmas. I managed to make it through with only a 4 day headache and being extremely tired. I called to book a test only to be informed since I was doubly vaxxed and only had mild symptoms to assume it "was" and isolate for 5 days.   Of course all this put a stop to any other family celebrations. 

Sleepovers are few and far between these days but we managed to arrange one with D and F. Finally after 2 weeks we were able to have Christmas with them. here was lots to make up for ----- crafts, baking, games, and cuddles.

 We were in the middle of a polar vortex so no outside this time. It was all fun and games until the next afternoon when we were informed our SIL had tested positive.  A few days later my daughter was hit by it. It has been 5 days and the kids seem fine. Delivered groceries, cat food, baked beans, and a couple of books.

Monday the kids were supposed to go back to school after being off from school from December 20th. We got walloped by 47.5 cm of snow. 

It has been a long long time since we got hit by that much snow all at once. Everything was shut down ---- shops, buses, and schools. Iain and I were out 3 or 4 times topping feeders and clearing snow. It took so long for clearing up the school buses were cancelled the next day too. It is still pretty ugly out there and now tonight were are supposed to get more snow, big temp plummet, and freezing rain. 

So as expected today is pretty chilly. -21C with a wind chill of -30C. I received yarn yesterday to start a new project so I will be caking that up. Maybe finish off a few letters.

Happy Cheese Lover's Day!!

Second Week Flying Solo

 My second week of "flying solo".  I thought I would be going bonkers by now but I have kept busy with lots of little projects. Do...