Saturday, May 27, 2023

yay we are getting summer next week

 After many many weeks of cold frosty nights it looks like we are in for a week ahead of summer type temperatures. Maybe just maybe I will be able to get the gardens in. I'm not going to lie my gardening mojo has been waning. I still enjoy puttering in the greenhouse but I want to get my hands in the dirt. So ya next week. Looks like high 20s and perhaps a 30 thrown in. Nighttime temps 15 or so. My plant babies can certainly handle that. They have been extremely pampered in the greenhouse with a heater on at night. It keeps the GH at about 10 overnight.

I have pulled out a few of my summer cookbooks for next weeks meal plan.

 I don't even have my summer pantry stocked yet. I guess Monday will be stock up day. Here is an idea of what I have on hand in the summer pantry:

cans of black beans
graham crackers
chocolate {for s'mores}
cookie mix {homemade or store bought}

Frozen burgers
frozen fruit
burger buns 
grated mozz and tex mex 
chicken breast --- always 

So that's just a sampling of my summer stock up. Of course everyone is different. If I have these things in the pantry and freezer it makes for planning meals and spur of the moment entertaining a little easier. Of course there is always a quick trip to the grocery store for fresh produce.

Decided to make myself scones. For GF biscuits they taste pretty good. Of course there is that GF texture but for most things I can overlook that. If it means I can have a biscuit without feeling like a puffer fish I will take it. Search gluten free. They are not dairy free altho you could make them that. I use real butter but replace the milk with soy. Sometimes you have to have real butter. Nor are they egg free. I have tried making them with flax egg and let's just say I did not have success.

A quick orange glaze swept over them and voila scones for Saturday morning breakfast

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