Sunday, December 8, 2019

Christmas Busyness ... Day 8

Well that was a busy few days.
On Friday we spent the evening with these two rascals.

A little shopping and supper at BP.
Then home to their place for pjs and an ice cream treat.
Their mom was at her workplace potluck.

Saturday my kitchen got a full on workout.
Lots and I mean lots of baking.
I think I am done my gift giving and in house treats.
Altho there may be a vegan carrot cake or applesauce spice cake in my future for Christmas day.

Of course the birds needed their sustenance topped up too.
These mourning doves were kind of complaining about the lack of millet 
and water in the water station.

I put the last of my homemade suet out too.
Guess I should make a little batch of holiday suet for them.

And yes the perpetual laundry had to be done. 
How do we create so much laundry?
A question for the ages ………..

Sunday I got most of the wrapping done.
Put together gifts for friends.
Made the meal plan for the week.
Tried to organize my thoughts and time manage my week.
A little Christmas knitting.

My amaryllis is getting read to bloom.

And this sweet violet can't be outdone.

Thought our power was being turned off this morning at 7.
I was up at 6:30 to crank up the heat and get the coffee going.
Well by 7:10 I realized we were not part of the outage.
However I did see this lovely sunrise.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.
Take time for yourself and be kind.

Norman says night all!.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Christmas Busyness ... Day 5

OOpsy neglected to post yesterday. We had a wonderful lunch and visit with very special friends.
We had such a wonderful time chatting and eating that I only took one picture of the table and  the front porch.

Today was a kind of a slower day altho I did get lots done.
I finished up baking my shortbread cookies.

Made the dough for a batch of chocolate crinkle cookies that I hope to bake off tomorrow morning.

Wrapped gifts that I cannot show --- secrets secrets.
Finally changed the sheets on the bed . Seemed like forever but it really is just over a week.
Finished up the cards and off they will go tomorrow.

Supper was a YOYO (your on your own) night.

There were lots of leftovers from yesterdays lunch.

Norman says good night all.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Christmas Busyness ... Day 3

Spent the morning prepping for a Christmas lunch tomorrow.
HB did a bang up job of tidying, dusting, and vacuuming the main floor .
I put together a couple of gift boxes for our friends.

In the boxes are 
- a knitted dish cloth
- clementine scented tea lights
- homemade shortbread
- homemade coffee fudge
- geranium scented hand balm ( I plan on posting a wee blurb on these)
- fancy mustards and jam
- holiday tea
Now who wouldn't like to receive that?

The panna cotta are made --- chilling in the fridge.
The table is set.
The post it notes are posted for tomorrow mornings activities.

Time for a quiet evening with a little bit of knitting and a good night sleep

Norman says have a good night all .

Monday, December 2, 2019

Christmas Busyness ... Day 2

Phew what a day.
Started off with a trip to physio ( back in August I broke my wrist BAD BAD BAD)
Back home for a quicky lunch then off we went …..
First stop Toys R Us and a few things for the kiddos.
After an hour visiting with Geoffrey it was time to have a visit with 
I got a few little gift boxes to wrap some goodies for gift bags and
bought myself a lil llama progress keeper.

Since breaking my wrist my knitting activities are fairly minimal but it doesn't stop me from treating myself to pretty yarn jewelry.
Crazy pants time in both places because of Cyber Monday but we persevered and have the big shopping done.
On the way home we had to stop for groceries.
Finally after spending most of the afternoon of shopping it was time to sit back and have a cuppa chai.
It was a tiring but successful day.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Christmas Busyness ... Day 1

Hello December 1st and welcome to a month of busy Christmas doings.

First of all Norman the Elf has made his way to the Raspberry Patch and is itching to help out.

Today we put some finishing touches on the G Kidds room and Guest room.

Got the front porch vignette done. I am really liking the design this year. 

Made shortbread cookies for gift giving.

Of course there was the usual Sunday stuff --- laundry --- changing beds --- getting the house tidied up for the week --- meal plan --- and shopping lists

Hope you all had a lovely first of December

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Hello all … Are you still out there?

I will be posting hopefully each day in December with a few wee holiday goings on at the Raspberry Patch.

It is more of a journal for me to look back on but I hope if you drop in for a visit you will enjoy it too.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Decisions Decisions

I have a lot of thinking to do over the next few weeks.
I am seriously thinking of giving up blogging for now.
It is a very time consuming hobby and I seem to have a plate full of other things.
I have enjoyed it for the most part and will continue to "creep"...
Altho I am not a huge Facebook fan ... it seems more friends and family see those posts.
I love Instagram and post on that a lot as well.
So for the time being you can find me

on Instagram @zazanona

on Twitter      @nonazazamomo

Facebook     Susan Wilkes

HB, Sparty, 
 and I are heading to Nova Scotia on a road trip
to do some sight seeing and
 get caught up with my sisters and their families.

I have a few knitting projects to do on the road and just enjoy the trip.

I will be posting on all above social medias.
Hope you check it out.

Thank you all for you support over the years.
 Who knows I may find I miss this crazy blogging and be back ....
I have been known to be a wee bit fickle at times ..

But for now ----
Ciao and Bientot  ...