Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer Drawstring Backpacks

I am always on the hunt for making something for my G Kiddos
Knitting ... crocheting ... baking ... sewing.
This summer is the summer of the Drawstring Backpack.
Easy Pattern found HERE

I thought it would be a good little bag for daycare or taking to the beach or those little sleepovers.

This one is for my darling Miss D.

I found this awesome material at Ikea.

I absolutely L O V E Ikea fabric.....

This one is for my sweet little guy Miles.

  I used 2 legs of old jeans.  

And this is for my princess Riley.

Believe it or not I found this great fabric at  SHHHH Walmart.

I am not a huge Wally World fan ----- however I do find some interesting things every once I awhile.

For all the kiddos I put in a couple of snack containers , a water bottle, boo boo strips , and colouring pages.

Of course now my head is spinning with ideas for these great bags.

Make them a wee bit smaller for Birthday Party loot bags or knitting project bags. I think if I was doing a yarn project bag I would put a grommet in the side for easy yarn pull out.  If I do make one I will keep you posted.

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Three Guesses

I will give you 3 guesses where I will be for the next 16 days .....

Spending time with my favourite Albertans.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

There's a Buzz Buzz Buzz in the Meadow

 On Saturday we spent the day at Bee Meadow Farm.
It was a fund raising event for my friend Natalie and Gordon's rescue farm.
Read all about it here on her blog. http://knatolee.blogspot.ca/2016/06/my-heart-is-full.html
HB and I packed ourselves up and drove to the Mouse House to pick up Deb and her retired guy.
Off we went to Apple Hill.
What a wonderful place.
We got to meet most of the animals we often read about on the blog.
And even managed to get a few pics.....

Deb and I with some ass called Saul
Here we are with Chirps the rooster
Some other very lucky rescues who have found a home with Natalie and Gordon

And a couple of rescues that Deb and I are involved with
Although she was a busy girl we managed to snag a pic with Natalie
Before we left Deb was able to visit with Pip and Mootie.
Two kitties she cat sat for.
Natalie adopted them when their Mommy could not care for them any more.

It was a wonderful day.
Topped off with a big jar of honey for all.
We were going to check out the famous Quirky Carrot but unfortunately it was closed.
Thank you Gordon for recommending Jack's Pub.
Fish and chips and a glass of white wine....
 It was a truly fab day !!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pop's Day

A quick shout out to the bestest Popski and Bapa ......

And son in law , Will

Happy Father's Day !!

And all the men and special women out there doing the
 D A D thing.

Love goes out to all of you ....

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Ice Cream Cone ---- Say WHAT!!!!!

I think we can clearly see ----- A WINNER!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Loving that 22 Month Old

After so many weeks of hot weather and absolutely no rain
 we are finally getting some cool and LOTS of rain.

We certainly need the moisture but I have so much to do in the garden that enough is enough ---
 for now.

So here I sit on a rainy Saturday morning waiting for the banana apple muffins to come out of the oven.

We had a 2 day 2 night visit with our fav 22 month old.
Mommy and Daddy decided to have a little away time.
They visited North Bay (Ontario) about a 3 hour drive north of Them.
Siobhan went to school there and realized just recently it was 9 years ago !!!!!

So Bapa and I picked up Miss D on Wednesday.
We had terrific Afternoon and evening.

Unfortunately Thursday morning came way too early ...... 5:20 in fact. 

Bapa was leaving for most of the day to give a photographer friend a lead to great bird and scenery pics.
So Miss D and I had a very low key day.

Tea Parties ... reading ... play doh ... colouring ... and yes we settled in with a bit too much Paw Patrol.

We did manage a nice long walk and a trip to the park.

Bed time came a wee bit earlier , 6:30, and so did Nona's.
But a great sleep for everybody. Up at 7. Lots of Cheerios (I may buy stock in the company by how many Cheerios this girl can pack away)
Packed up , in Miss D's chariot AKA Nona and Bapa's Civic), and off to Arnprior.
Bapa was finishing off the fence and Mommy and Daddy arrived home later in the afternoon.
What a happy little girl when she spotted Mommy and Daddy.
Fence pretty well done except for the gate.
Pizzas for supper . A bath for Miss D .
Nona and Bapa headed home.
The house seems a wee bit quiet today and I have an overwhelming urge to watch Paw Patrol.... Why can't I get that theme song out of my head???? ......

Muffins are baked and I have bathrooms to clean.
Hope you all have a great weekend.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Home Made Ant Bait

Along with summery weather comes ants...  
We get them every year traipsing along the kitchen window sill .
I do not use chemicals in my garden or in my indoor cleaning regime (sounds like a blog post is coming)
Anyway there they were a nice straight line of them.
I put together this recipe and by about the end of day one ---- no more ants!!

1 cup warm water
half cup white sugar
3 TBSPs Borax
Mix thoroughly
Soak a few cotton balls and place in a shallow dish or as I do because I have curious kittys ---- poke 4 holes evenly in the base of a yogourt  (plastic) container, plop the cotton balls in, and close the lid. Put container or dish where you see the ants.

Then let the ants do what they do
They are attracted to the sugar syrup and take the mixture back to their nest and -- well -- then the borax kicks in.