Friday, May 6, 2022

Greenhouse, Sister, Allergies, and Cinco de Mayo

 Finally after our long winter I am able to get into the GH and get a few plantings and transferring done.

 Spring has not been kind to us either. It has been cold and wet and gray.  I have to say the month of April was not good for my mental health. With upheaval in Ukraine and questioning getting out in the public again I have had a tough time. Of course with the gray days it did nothing to lift my spirit. Yes the Ukraine and Covid questioning are still uppermost on my mind but the days are starting to get sunnier and getting outside has helped my bummer mood intensely. 

And I am excited for my sister to visit the end of the month. I've been busy planning meals and excursions. She's here for 6 days but we will pack in lots. I have put in my request for wonderful weather so fingers crossed. We want to sit on the patio with a wee drink in hand. It will make day trips more fun too.

Anyone else experiencing intense allergy symptoms this year. My allergies of choice are boxelder, maple , and cedar. I will give you 3 guesses what grows in abundance around us and the first 2 do not count. Mine are through the roof. Even though my meds are drowsy free they are not and by mid afternoon I am ready to call it a day. My other symptom is an already dry eye syndrome that is much more and  doesn't seem any amount of drops lubes them. 

Cinco de Mayo just happened and I love a good theme supper.  Margaritas on the patio enjoying the wonderful sunshine and 18 *C. 

Then inside for a plate of  chicken enchiladas and guacamole and southwestern salad.

So there's a glimpse of the first week in May at the Raspberry Patch

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