Saturday, December 19, 2020

Almost there --- wherever there is

 Saturday the 12th

Daphne and Fox were up kinda early this morning 5:20 but with gentle persuading I managed to get them back to bed til 6. Why does 6 feel so much better than 5:20

After a bit of morning play and 2 breakfasts it was time for cookie decorating.

Lots of sprinkles and icing and yes a bit of taste tasting.

Cookie decorating is hard work!

The weather was slightly unpredictable so the day was cut shorter than I would have liked and we took them home early in the afternoon.

Sunday the 13th

A bit of post grandkid tidy up and maybe a little nap.

I did get my shortbread made after perusing all my recipes. I knew I had one that was the tastiest but do you think I could remember. This is one of the reasons I am doing a Christmas planner/journal this year. As luck would have it I chose the right one.   

HB made pizza and I may have a had a big glass of wine.

Monday the 14th

Time for Jamie Oliver's get ahead gravy. I'm not a huge Jamie recipe fan although I do enjoy his Christmas shows. It could be those English decorations and occasional glimpses at English robins ...but I digress. I love this recipe and have been using it for years. The house smells like Christmas or Thanksgiving whatever the upcoming holiday is.

BBQd pork chops with roasted broccoli and cauliflower for supper.

Tuesday the 15th

Today was supposed to be marshmallow day. However I found that I have no clear corn syrup which is one of the sugar ingredients of these particular marshmallows. Tomorrow is the weekly shop day so I guess tomorrow is the day. I use the Ina Garten coconut marshmallow recipe minas the coconut.

My knitting mo jo has been totally turned off this past week. I finished up beanies for all the kiddos and a blanky for Echo. Maybe I am just yarned out for now. I know it will come back. I have a few ideas to start the new year off with.

I've been working on a Helix sweater by La Bien Aimee with Drops baby Merino n a lovely plum purple colour. I have the hem and sleeves to do. Then the dreaded button bands. 

pic taken October 2020

Sausage with lentils and veggie soup for supper.

Wednesday the 16th

Today was marshmallow day --- Hurrah!! I love making marshmallows although I don't think my machine is so thrilled. She gets a little warm by the end of it.

I also baked off the pieces for the gingerbread houses.

I did manage to get laundry done. Tidy the upstairs and get the kiddos room cleaned up ready for the next round.

Thursday the 17th

Gingerbread house construction. They look a little wonky. I know once the icing and candies are applied no one will notice 😀

Prezzies are wrapped. Christmas eve bags are ready. I started doing them a few years ago -- Christmas pjs, a book, Christmas socks, hot chocolate, and reindeer food. 

Reindeer Food:   Bird seed, and coloured sugar! The kids love tossing this outside for Santa's reindeer and the resident felines love the other critters it attracts.

I have made a couple cookie boxes for my neighbour and my hair stylist.

Chicken piccata with roasted  sweet potatoes for supper tonight

Friday the 18th

My youngest niece is 23 today WAIT? WHAT? 

Today is my get your thoughts organized day. Organized my Christmas planner. I sure hope it comes in handy for next year --- hopefully I can remember where I store it 😃😃

I also made new suet for the birds. No set amounts but I used peanut butter and lard (probably about half a cup each) large flaked oats, raisins, then enough bird seed to hold it together. Popped in the freezer. I put it out this afternoon and so far we have had lots of chickadees, white breasted nuthatch , 2 red breasted nuthatches. I also cleaned up the water feature and the birds are lovin it. We usually get between 10 and 15 mourning doves swoop down during supper

Fish and chips tonight.

Enjoy your week and take a few moments for yourself !!

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