Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Busy Busy Weekend

Bapa and I had another sleepover with our Miss D
It is becoming almost a weekly or ten dayish thing altho the next couple of weeks may be disrupted by doctor appointments and Santa Claus parades
We landed in Arnprior at our regular 11 ish o'clock on Friday
Had a bit of a visit with Mommy
Packed up Miss D and off to Herriott Street
It is so much fun having her here
She loves to chalk up a storm on her chalkboard table
Colour pictures in her book
Build lots of towers with her Mega Blocks
Read her favourite stories over and over and over
Bapa loves taking her shopping
Our nephew and his kiddlys came Saturday afternoon for a visit
His wife Brandy was doing a show in our town that day
Check out her website  www.salvagejeweleryco.com
She makes jewellery from vintage pieces
Lots of playing ensued

Darla helped Uncle Iain make pizza dough

She would have loved to stay for pizza and "stay for a sleepover" she told us
It was great having them here and I know Miss D loved the company
This is Marlo -- look at those big baby blues

Siobhan and Will arrived later Saturday and we had pizza
Played a great game of Scrabble ---- closest game yet
More friends dropped by on Sunday to visit us BUT I really think they were here to get a Miss D fix

And then everyone was gone .... HB and I sipped on a glass of red wine and
reflected on how lucky we are

Then I looked at my window this morning

..... just a last little handprint so I wouldn't forget her LOL 


Deb said...

Looks like lots of fun. Those little ones do keep us smiling.

Susan said...

Makes me miss my grands! XOXO

Deb said...

sent you a message on fb.