Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cuz Siobhan asked me to Update...............

A  Birthday
A sick  Grand Kitty
New Books
Coffee Catchup
3 Weeks Strong
My sweet baby girl has turned 29.
We visited with her and her hubby.
Watched a hockey game ---- O Please will someone put the Ottawa Sens out of their misery?
Ordered the most delicious Indian feast from Karara.
Unfortunately her birthday was overshadowed by her sick boy MacGuffin.

A couple years ago he almost died from a blocked urethra.
But after lots of treatment, days in the hospital, and copious amounts of drugs he was better. $$$$$$$$$$$
Fast Forward ------ he was acting strange again so they rushed him the  clinic emerg and he was blocked AGAIN!!!
Well this time he didn't have to be in as long but he has a lot of meds and he seems to be peeing perfectly. :)
I finished reading  "The Book Thief" and I highly recommend it.
Not sure I will see the movie. I am always disappointed in the movie adaptation.
Just received my next books in the mail.
Started "The Goldfinch" by  Donna Tartt. I have been hearing good things about this book.
Its a hefty one -- over 600 pages.
The second book is "The Favored Child" by Phillipa Gregory
I have read numerous books by this author and have enjoyed them all.
She writes historical fiction around English Tudor times.
Had a great coffee catch up with my friend Chris.
Its been a while since we did this and it was terrific getting the skinny on each other.
The weight loss journey is going fine.
I am deciding to give myself leeway on this journey.
In that I am only weighing in on Fridays and realizing that a 1 to 2 pound loss per week is the healthy way to do it.
Looks like spring is taking its good sweet time getting here.
We have done something to Mama Nature and I think we have pissed her off!!

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