Saturday, December 7, 2013

Beginning to Look A Lot Like ...............

Busy busy days.
I absolutely love this time of year.
Nat King Cole singing on my I Pod.
The smell of pine candles.
Chocolate smells wafting from my oven.
Pretty wrapping paper and bows and ribbons.
One fabulous thing to celebrate this Christmas -----
My youngest daughter and her hubby 


 are expecting a wee bundle of joy the middle of July.
HB and I are dancing over the moon.
Time to get the baby knitting and projects books dusted off.

Bought this fantastic bamboo yarn to make this wee romper.

Last Thursday I joined Deb Natalie, and Ronna lunch in Almonte, Ontario

and an afternoon of Christmas shopping.
It was fabulous meeting new people and especially Blogger Buddies.
What a terrific little town to shop in. Lots of interesting shops!
Before we knew it it was closing in on 4:00 and time for us all to head home with our haul.
Most of my decorations are up and most of the shopping is done.

KItchen Tree

A Few of my Nutcrackers
Big guys were a gift from my MIL a couple years ago

Part of my Village

Now its time to concentrate on baking and planning a couple of parties.
We did have quite a bit of snow BUT last week we had unseasonably warm weather 10 C (50 F) and it rained so most of it is gone.

Family Room Tree Topper
Hopefully we get a wee bit for Christmas and yes then it can all go away.

A little project with all those wine corks I have collected.
I have a few more so may attempt a snowman  :)
Of course I am 2 days late for Twin Bragging Thursday but
here is one of my favourite pics of my beautiful wee G Twins
Riley and Miles
Pic taken October 2012 @ Herriott Street
Enjoy Your Holiday Busy ness

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