Sunday, December 5, 2021

 So yesterday was a busy one and by the time I was ready to chill that's what I wanted to do.  A glass of wine, Iain's pizza, and a hockey game and that was my evening. 

It was a heavy kitchen day yesterday. I have been very inspired by a few IG profiles of late. One being Jo-Anna at a pretty life . She also has a blog. I have lusted after a spritz cookie  press for quite a few years and finally bought myself the Oxo one. My first foray into this adventure was not terribly successful--- sticky dough, and flavourless cookies. I was not deterred and tried Jo-Anna's recipe. A lot more success although I still have work to do. I will not be embarrassed to give these wee cookies as gifts or serve them on a cookie tray.

Norman approves 👨‍🍳

I definitely have to work on the heart shape 🤣❤🤣

Next weekend is our annual family Christmas lunch and cookie decorating.  Of course last year we couldn't all be together altho we managed to fit kid sleepovers and decorating between lockdowns. This is the best vegan gingerbread cookie dough I have found. I must admit I haven't tried any other cuz this one works a charm. I have put the dough in the freezer and will bake the cookies off next Saturday. 

Well that's it for now. 🤶

Oh ya and it snowed yesterday. 

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La Table De Nana said...

Oh your greenhouse:)♥And the cookies are lovely.OXO is always a star!