Thursday, August 25, 2016

Someone had a Birthday

Yup and that someone is me!
Starting another decade .... or as some kind friend said "the winter of my life"  WHAT????
Winter?? I hate winter.

I still feel like perhaps the late summer. Ya I like that better.
I had an absolutely fab day --- spoiled beyond belief.
HB organized a facial and mani at my favourite spa for the afternoon.

Then he prepared an awesome meal for me and a few very dear friends and our fav Arnprior ites
Lots of my favourite foods ---

chicken with garlic in a white wine sauce
 homemade dinner rolls

Our friends contributed too with a mixed garden vegetable salad and a scrumdilicious spinach salad.
Ended the meal with Siobhan's famous Hummingbird cake
Check the link HERE for the recipe
As I am usually the pic taker at these events not many got taken but here is proof there was a party :-)
Oh and Miss D enjoyed the festivities too

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