Friday, July 29, 2016

Miss D is Two

A wonderful day for a Two Year Old Birthday party.
Beautiful and sunny!
Sio's friends from college who live in the Toronto area came for the party.
It's quite the drive for them and even longer for Mandi as she has an 18 month old .
What great friends eh??
So here we go ....

New wheels from Nona and Bapa

Barbeque hot dogs and chicken
Lots and lots of salads

Daphne and her friend Gabrielle checking their plates....

   After dinner sprinkler fun.....


Mommy cuddles are great
after an afternoon of sprinkler fun


Having too much fun with all the new toys
But then it was time for

Happy Birthday dear Daphne
Happy Birthday to you

It was an awesome day altho I still can't believe you are TWO!!!!

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