Monday, April 18, 2016

Blogger's Block

Anyone else out there experience this Blogger's Block.
It's not that I am not doing things still .. cooking, baking, knitting, visiting, ..
that may warrant a blog or two or three or ten.
I just cannot seem to sit still long enough for my brain to calm down ..
 collect its thoughts..
and type something out.

I have even been hard time posting to Instagram (@zazanona)
 altho the last day or so I have posted there.

I am hoping now that the weather is finally turning Spring
 like I may feel more inspired
Our weekend was fabulous -- altho there was a lot of sitting and not a lot of yard work.

HB is heading to Costa Rica on a birding excursion so I am on my own for 10 days..
Before anyone thinks I am N U T S for not going ..... He and his BB (birding buddy) are spending the time at an eco lodge which is not my cuppa tea. And this is a wee gift to HB as he is trying to get to 1000 birds seen in his lifetime. No No he isn't dying or anything its just one more step. We have been to C R twice before but it was mainly a "sit on the beach" holiday with a day or two of birding. So this time he and BB are doing an intense 10 day venture.

Well I guess I have kinda broken the block.
Let me know if you have ever had Blogger's Block and what did you do the break it


Deb said...

No, never had it. Give me a cup of tea and I'll sit and write. lol Lucky Iain. That sounds like a lot of fun. I think we may have to meet for coffee in the next 10 days. :)

Country Gal said...

I have had blogger block before but then I just walk the yard or the valley with camera in hand and my bloggers block is gone lol ! Well see you did have something here to write about and I enjoyed it to . Oh I am a birder as well and enjoy them very much and are lucky to have lots here through out the year and be on the migration path we get all kinds . Hope Hubs has a great time I know I would on a trip like that . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !