Sunday, December 20, 2015

Manotick and Norman?

I love the idea of the this crazy Elf on a Shelf
I am not one to get caught up on the trendy stuff
And to be honest I find this Elf ... well... a wee bit creepy
Anyway ......
last week we had lunch in Manotick with a fabulous afternoon with Deb and her retired guy
After a lovely little lunch at The Miller's Oven ...
a quaint tea room run by volunteers who LOVE to chat with you.
We took a walking tour of downtown Manotick
I found this lil fella at the Miller's Florist

"Gotta have him" I said to HB
and here he is

Now he just needs a name .... I have a few running around my head ---- Norman and Stewart leading the way
Or maybe Angus EH DEB ??
If you ever do get to eastern Ontario and find your way to Manotick . You have to check out "The Gingerbread Man"  . It is nothing but gingerbread and the shop smells absolutely enchanting. They make awesome butter tarts too

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Deb said...

I like Stewart. Stewie for short (and he's short). So much fun having you out and glad you enjoyed the little town of Manotick. :)