Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Gingerbread House

Miss D was here last week for a sleepover. Her Mommy is still battling a nasty flu.

Her first date was with Kathy J

 who stopped in for a cup of tea and some Christmas goodies.

Of course there was playing

 and reading and the all important trekking for a walk with her Bapa.

When Bapa heads to the door she is right behind him with boots in hand.
A little "ciao" wave to Nona and off they go

The Highlight of this visit was Gingerbread House decorating.

I had all the forms already baked and assembled.
and off we go .....


Proud of her house

Got a lil sumthin on your nose D...

Here is our almost finished product.
Nona is going to do a couple tweaks
Then it will be on its way to Arnprior .....

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