Monday, November 23, 2015

Sock Knitting

I want to like knitting socks I really do.
I start them and I start them and I start them.....
I have knit some but it's more of a "Holy shit I have started these effin things now I gotta finish them"
I don't know what it is about socks but I cannot get excited about knitting them..
Give me a hat pattern and off I go or mittens yes yes I can do that.

I love all the sock yarns out there and I have lots of it .....
I am thinking maybe its the heel part that is holding me back ... but I'm not easily discouraged by much
Ask HB --- he has seen me pull out more stitches .... and I have made my fair share of mobias starts for sweaters
I have been thinking of trying heelless socks and see if that really is it.
I am thinking of trying yoga socks too ----- absolutely no heel whatsoever in them

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