Sunday, November 1, 2015

happy halloween

Hope you all had a ghoulishly spooktacular night.
We were in the Prior (what the locals affectionately call Arnprior Ontario)
I must advise you that this post is very Daphne as a flying unicorn heavy  ---- a Nona perogative

We had a wee chat with the gang in Alberta

Then it was time to go Trick or Treating

Well .. Miss D doesn't really get it yet but she loves putting on those walkin or should I say runnin shoes and go up and down the front side walk

Which is what we did ..... LOVED it!!!

Coming inside was a completely other story ...
HATED it!!

Just look at that face
But once inside all toasty and warm and the house smelling deliciously like Bapa's pizza all was

A piece of pizza and a couple lil chocolate bars its was time for bed

Unfortunately there were only 5 little T and Treaters
Oh well there are lots of treats leftover.
I think Will may be taking a few for his lunches this week :-)

Once Miss D was in bed we "played" a new board game ----Settlers of Catan
I think once we get the hang of it it will be a lot of fun..
Drank too many apple martinis and stayed up a little late.
But as usual it was a fun night

And today is Will's birthday so we had a coffee and homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
HB and I left soon after breakfast.
Got a dinner party to rest up for...

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