Monday, October 26, 2015

Bird Suet Recipe

It's getting to that season again of making sure our feathered friends have their needs met to get them thru the winter.

Here is my post of last year when I was co host with my daughter from

  Prosecco and Polka Dots   now called Mom in Progress with the recipe for suet cakes.

I have done an experiment putting out the store brand  and this homemade one.

The homemade ones always get eaten down to the proverbial nubbins whereas the store ones although eventually get eaten take a wee bit longer.

I usually have a Feral Station in the front or side of my house out of the elements.

I put out hard food for them cuz the canned stuff just freezes solid. I also put small water station out for them too. I have an extra bird bath water heater so it keeps the water flowing for them. however I am not sure I will be doing it this year :-(   We have new neighbours in the neighbourhood and they have 5 !! 5 !! cats who all are outside.  I guess I will just have to see if they are out during the winter. It will be quite a dilemma for me as I see the little ferals crouched in the snow and my heart breaks for them. suspect knowing me I will set the station up anyway. My two lil ladies on my side bar are wee ferals that I rescued 15 years ago.....

What's for supper tonight?

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