Thursday, October 16, 2014

thanksgiving and a wee fall tour

A little table just for two
Our van N's decided they wanted to have the day to themselves .....
I love all the to dos involved in having a big holiday meal but I guess I will have to wait now until Christmas.
Since our oldest girl and her family including our precious kiddos are in Alberta the holidays take on a different hue.
Lets just say Nona and Bapa are REALLY looking forward to spending Christmas with our lil Miss D .....
It has been a very strange few weeks weather wise here in Ontario
Mostly rain with a couple days hiccup of summerlike weather.
HB is still working in Toronto all week only home on the weekends.
So garden cleanup has been left to me for the most part.
We have way too many gardens and with so much rain it is taking me quite a long time to get organized.
I am getting er done tho.
Garden #1  Before
Garden #1 After
And a few Fall decorations

And getting a few Halloween decs out there


Susan said...

I hope your Thanksgiving was joyful! I love your photos, XOXO

Siobhan said...

you make it sound like we didnt see you at all. so we're clear- we visited on friday and saturday. no tortured nona and bapa here