Monday, August 25, 2014

Hormones and Allergies

Here I am just turning 58 and I am in the throws of PMS.
I have quite a history with my female self that I am not going into.
Let's just say my children are drug induced children.
My menopause has been ..... well .... non existent.
No night sweats. No hot flashes.
However .... it seems if I spend any amount of time with my daughters my body  grabs those hormones and runs with them.

And I have spent a lot of time with my girls this past month.
So yes I am crampy and tired and headachy.
You know ... those dwarf cousins those 7 little guys never talk about.
Internet Image

And to make matters worse my allergies are full blown.
Thank goodness for AC.
I spent the weekend in the luxury of the coolness making meals
Chicken cacciatore
Turkey meatloaf
Chicken meatballs
Tomatoe sauce
Rhubarb muffins
for the new parents for their freezer.
Sio is still recovering from her C section.
Her cat jumped on her belly and tore a bit of her incision so now it will take a few more weeks of recovery.
 Fist shake at you MacGuffin....

HB and I are taking those meals in today with a lasagna in tow for supper tonight.
HB has been working in Toronto (about 4 hours from us) the past few weeks on a contract.
He leaves Sundays and is home Friday nights.
It is a good thing it is only for a few months.
I am not liking this single life.
He is home today and tomorrow as he has a skin lesion that is to be excised.
He has a history of basal cells so another lop off.
Hope to talk later this week.


Susan said...

Hmmmm...very interesting about the hormones. I also had no side effects of menopause; just lucky. However, gained belly weight, which is just now coming off, XOXO

Mariodacatsmom said...

What a beautiful baby. Ouch to the mom whose cat jumped on her belly. Not fun. Sorry you are having so manly problems friend. It's miserable. I have to say I breezed thru the entire ordeal. Don't know why and I have no big secret for how it was done. Must be in the genes or something. Hope you feel better soon.

Deb said...

Oh, that little Daphne is so darn cute. :))) Have a great long weekend, Susan.