Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Golf and Kitty Kats

Kind of a rough night here @ 44!
HB and son in law Will left last Friday for a 10 day golf vacay in Myrtle Beach.
HB's bro (Robert) and nephew (Scott) make up the rest of the quartet.
Siobhan and I are spending most of the 10 days together.
She is the momma of MacGuffin whom I have written about recently.
You know the $2000.00 kitty.
She came out on Thursday with MacGuffin and new girl Shelley in tow.
She has another fella ,Mulligan, who is part of the source of MacGuffin's stress.
Anyway long story short she felt she needed to go home and do some Mully cuddles
taking Shelley but leaving MacG here.
Good for MacG Bad for my girls Addy and Lucky who have been hiding out under my bed.
Last night it came to blows with MacG and Lucky ---- Lots of Hissing  Spitting  Fur flying  and a bit of Peeing!!
I came downstairs to find MacG cowering behind the sofa and  Lucky sitting in the front room window.
Of course it upset me too and I was awake A LOT just checking everyone.
Seems they are okay.
All have eaten their breakfast.
Certainly still not friends.
Wish us luck.
Looks like a Rainy  Freezing Rain   Snowy day
Thank goodness I don't have to go anywhere.
So maybe a curl up on the sofa.  Tea.  Find an old movie.  Knitting..

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