Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Snippets

Weekend Plans
Cowboys and a bit of knitting.

Repainting some stairs.

A much needed pedi.

A brush and a clip.

More knitting


A looonnng convo with my sister in Nova Scotia

Not the most flattering pic of either of us but there was a bit of alcohol and copious amounts of makeup involved

Organising the "stash"

Not mine but close enough

Made the decision to refrain from knitting or crocheting for a wee while.
It seems to be aggravating my sore shoulder.

Oh and my orchid is blooming!

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Susan said...

I'm organizing today, but mostly the kitchen where I'm doing a spring cleaning. The sunshine is bright and I might even get out to start sprucing up my flower pots on the deck. Love the photo of you and your sister; I can relate, XOXO