Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sweet Indulgence

So here I sit bleary eyed after getting up way too early to say goodbye to HB.
Very frosty this morning!!

He is spending the next couple of days in Hamilton on the elusive search of getting to his 280 of his "Big Year"
I've done a bit of painting, laundry, dishwasher, and litter box clean out.
Time for a big mug of Jo and get a little caught up.
My whirlwind trip to Alberta to bring Holly and the kiddlys to Ontario.

They are fabulous!!
So much fun.
We played and kissed and cuddled and played and kissed and cuddled.
Lots of block building, readng stories,playing with cars and trucks.

Trips to the park and playground.

I love them so much and miss miss miss them.
We had celebrations upon celebrations.
My house was full of laughter and love!!
Bridal shower.

It was a gloroius day for the wedding and all went perfect.
The day after we had a brunch for the family.
The newlyweds stayed over because the Neveus went back home the following Monday -early.
Why does it hurt your core so much to say goodbye?
I was a wreck all day Monday and now get a bit weepy when I think how much I miss them all.
Siobhan and Will are now soaking in the sun in the Dominican.

We are looking after their boys!

I am still trying to get the house back to "normal" and now it is time to think of Christmas.
Back to my walks with Deb. YAY!!!!

Got these lovely flowers from the newlyweds.

Hope to get a few wedding pics in the next few days.


Deb said...

Nice catch-up. Love the back yard photo. I'm just heading out to cat-sit and will be all over the place today but still plan to walk at 2. Just shoot me off an email if you have other plans. Deb.

Susan said...

Lovely photos of such a special time. I know just what you mean about saying good-bye. I was with my grandson for a week and it ripped my heart out when I had to go. Wish we lived closer. XOXO

Jane and Chris said...

Do the little ones EVER stop smiling?!
Jane x

Mariodacatsmom said...

What a great time. Congratulations to the new couple.

Anonymous said...

Love browsing through these beautiful pics. Best wishes to all.
apron sis #10 ;)