Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy Weekend

HB and his buds are canoeing in Algonquin Park this weekend.
They left bright and early Thursday morning and I don't expect him back til late Sunday night..
So far I have cleaned the house and made Chicken pot pie, lasagna, chili, beef stew, and turkey burgers for the freezer.
I'm not sure I have mentioned this but Siobhan is getting married November 3rd.
I leave October 10th for Alberta to help Holly bring those sweet kiddlys to Ontario for 3 WEEKS!!!!!
So I wanted to have some premade meals tucked away.
It rained pretty much all day Friday so a perfect chance to get those meals done.
So here we are on a Saturday morning and the sun is shining and it is a glorious morning.

Lots to do today too but who couldn't enjoy breakfast with the chickadees ?

And look at Miles and Riley GO!!


Deb said...

Boy, you are a machine. Your house must have smelled divine yesterday. I'm making mac and cheese today and a loaf cake if I ever get all the cats taken care of. Just back from the those country cats. Kane had a ball on their acreage and me...I snuggled with a 20 pound gentle giant. Have a good day, Susan.

Susan said...

That's such an excellent idea to have meals ahead--leaves more time to play with the kiddies. Your weather sounds like ours today, it starts off cool and then warms to the 70s, but we've had no rain to speak of for awhile. I know it will be coming though. Happy Weekend, Sis XOXO

Jane and Chris said...

Keep the hungry canoeists away from your lovely meals!
Jane x