Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cardinal in da Hood

A gloriously day filled wth rain yesterday.
What a welcome change in temperature too.
I have enjoyed the wonderful summer we have had here in Ontario
altho we could have used more rain.
But I do look forward to cooler nights and changing the inside decor to those comforting fall colours.
Look what the rain brought to our back yard

Cardinals have been very few over the past years in our yard.
So to see this youngster hanging in our "hood" for a day was great.
I just hope he makes it to his winter home.
Today(Sunday) it  feels like a typical late summer day.
Sunny but cooler temps.
Making white bean chili for supper tonight with polenta.
Guess it is time to break open the fall and winter recipe box!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I am ready for some cooler temps for sure. This time of year I want to cook more soups and stews! Hugs, Linda

Deb said...

I thought cardinals were all red. This guy is all blotchy. Is this a different type of cardinal? Stop know I know nothing about birds.

Jane and Chris said...

Deb, he's just growing into his colours...think of him at kitten stage!
We had soup on Friday when it was cool and did the trick...I love soup!
Jane x

zaza said...

Not laughing , Deb (much)! Jane is right. This guy is a youngster and will be that lovely red by next year.
We have heard that distinctive "chip" the cardinal makes but haven't seen any at all this year. So it was a nice surprise to see a young one!

Susan said...

I don't think I've ever seen markings on a cardinal like that and didn't realize they changed. Thank you for sharing on this gloomy day here in Redmond:-D

Larry said...

Nice shots of the Northern Cardinal Zaza! White bean chili with polenta sounds good. What time is dinner ;-)