Saturday, March 31, 2012


Our sweet lil Munchkin Miles is on the move.

Yup crawling his lil heart out. 
Discovering cat food,water dish and everything else that is within reach.
Daughter Holly and son in law Dan have got their hands full .
Our Sweet Pea Riley is pulling herself up on the furniture and I have no doubt she will bypass the crawl and go for the cruise!

There are videos of both these and once Holly posts them on her blog I will put up the link.
Times like these that really hit home that I am 2000 miles away!
I am so thankful that I have a great relationship with my girls and they include us almost immediately in these steps.
What did we do before Facebook and Skype?

HB is on his annual golf trip to Myrtle Beach.

He looks forward to this getaway.
Spends time doing something he loves and gets to spend some Bro time and time with golf buddies.

I am looking forward to doing some intense spring cleaning (yup I know I am lame)
Anyone else get excited to see a cupboard organised?
Also have some painting and redecorating  to do in our downstairs bathroom.
There is yard work to do and I have
some sock projects in process.


Deb said...

Holy Smokes, your plate is full. I'm re-painting the dining room floor this afternoon so I guess I am lame, too. :) It just hit me that Easter is in a week. Those peas are so cute. If you get creeped out when the lights go out, come on over.

Mariodacatsmom said...

Cute little bean! Whatever did we do before Skype. It certainly makes being so far away more bearable.