Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day Two Done

Off we go again -- left at 7 this morning!
Altho we woke to about 6 inches of snow and cold as heck -25C (-40 with the windchill)
Didn't get pics of the car cuz by the time I got out Iain had the car pretty much brushed off.
Down the icy roads to about Thunder Bay and then it was kind of clear sailing.

There is a lot of chatting in the car and at one point I remember thinking "I wonder at what mileage will we run out of things to talk about"
So far we are doing okay!!
Okay so here are 2 pics to show we are in Northern Ontario

So here we are in a Super 8 in Kenora!

Supper time

Onto tomorrow!


Deb said...

Watch out for those prairie dogs.

Siobhan said...

Dad looks drunk! Perfect!