Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time to get out those autumnal ideas!

Just spent a few hours in the garden. What a glorious way to spend the first day of fall among the chorus of chickadees. I want to say they were entertaining me while I was tidying up the yard but I suspect they were complaining I was too close to their food source. The gardens still look amazing altho looking a wee bit drenched. Too Too much rain and more tonight!! I can't believe I still have edible basil and parsley. Margarita pizza for supper tonight? Even tho I know it means winter is peeking around the corner I love seeing all the fall colours in the mums, grasses, ornamental cabbage, punkins, gourds and of course the changing leaves. The garden takes on a totally different personality at this time. Gone are girly frilly plants some turning the rugged colours noted for fall. Of course having had no frost and not too bad temps at night ( I think the coldest has been 6) there are still lots of impatiens and geraniums flourishing. Even these tender fellas are looking more rugged just thru sheer survival.

Well my girl is a married lady now. Saturday September 11 (yes we know). It was an absolutely fab day. Sunny and wonderfully warm. I think my Nana and my Mommy must have been in cahouts with Mother Nature that day!! After a year long collaboration with way too many people to mention --it was over. Holly was beautiful and I know we all think our daughters are beautiful especially on their wedding day but mine truly was. And yes Dan was a handsome groom! They make a striking couple. In October they are jetting off to Rome for their honeymoon.

Just recently my nephew, Scott, and his wife, Brandy, had a little baby girl --- Darla Mae!!

Iain has been in India for the past 10 days. Yes everyone left me the Tuesday after the wedding. My sister, Paula, my niece, Shanna, and my grand nephew, Chase were here for the wedding and went home Tuesday morning then Iain left Tuesday night! He is home for a week then is off again to Korea but I am hoping it won"t be for as long.

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