Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No Way Out

Well it has finally started. Our driveway is blocked by a huge piece of machinery, a large hole. and very sweaty shirtless men! Unfortunately we were not advised of this impending hole digging this morning and are now blocked from escaping our castle. Iain did escape for work but will have to find elsewhere to park tonight. I was hoping there would be enough room to finaggle my li'l honda around to get it out but so far it does not look too promising.So I may be carless for a few days.

Yahoo the heat is finally here. I am lovin it. I am heading to the backyard book and drink in hand soon after posting this. The gardens look amazing and the tomatoes seem to leap each nite. The basil is still looking a little droopy but i am sure a drink, food and sunshine will perk them right up.

Poor Guiness is being a grumpy gus cuz he is hot and wants to go outside but is scared of all the noise. Addy and Lucky are hiding out somewhere probably under our bed!!

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