Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Feelin' dirty and tired

Spent the morning playing in the mud under the guise of weeding the gardens. After that awful hail, rain,thunder and lightening storm yesterday and last nite everything was sodden. I was up early again this morning,didn't wash my hair but now wished I had cuz I feel yukky.
Bathroom is looking even more amazing. The pot lites are up and there will be absolutely no excuse for nicks on the legs now. The wall tiles are up -- grouting to be done hopefully tomorrow. As I write this Ron is putting the vanity together. It is absolutely dreadful outside -- raining and only about 15 and all I want is a hot shower ( sniff sniff).I'm hoping he is done soon so I can have my lick and a promise bath in the laundry tub. I may even have a little lay down.

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Young Urban Psychopath said...

you crazy dancer!!!
i made banana chocolate chip muffins and they were fantastic!!! Im lame....but what else is new