Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Through my Garden Gate

The petunias are starting to look tired.
They have had a beautiful show along with the fuchsia geraniums.
Time for a trip to the garden centre and pick up some of those half price annuals.

My wonderful little rose bush is still flowering after a big battle with some teeny caterpillars.

A quick soap and water spray and a wee trim and it has been flowering all summer.

I lost ALL my jalapenos last year in the garden.
I think our squirrels have Mexican roots.
So this year I put it in a big pot.
Lovely .. hunh ..??
Well those squirrels tried again and before I could harvest they had taken off with a few.
I managed to save the rest and have about 10 sitting in my fridge.

See that evil eye.....

And a little nod to my Maritime roots..
Three plant pots painted red with white windows.
A great find at Dollerama for the perfect solar garden lite glued on top.
I got the idea from a Pinterest post.
The dory was my idea .. cuz what's a lighthouse without a boat?

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