Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Jarring Tomatoes

I received the gift of a hefty bag of tomatoes from a friend the other day.
I do not eat raw tomatoes ---
a quick allergic reaction of bumpy hives appear on my forearms and face .
But once they are cooked I can eat them.
HB loves them in a Caprese salad or sandwich but he cannot eat the mountains of them that will quickly start appearing.
So starts my jarring project.

X marks the spot then a quick dunk in boiling water to remove the skins.
Cut into chunks and let gently boil for about 30 minutes.
I added a pinch of salt and the same amount of sugar.
Washed my jars. Popped the jars in a 150*  oven for about 30 minutes.
Put the tops in a pot of simmering water for about 10 minutes to soften the rubber ring.
Added basil and garlic to the jars then using a jar funnel topping the jars to about half an inch from the top. Clean the jar rim with a clean damp cloth. Screw the tops on fairly tightly. Then wait for that satisfying P O P.....

A lot of people use the canning method however I have been doing this method for close to 30 years and no one has died of botulism.
The tops must pop
 and if they do not then you know one of the meals if not 2 that week will be a tomatoes based one.
Sounds like another Tasty Tuesday post .....


Deb said...

Makes for a cute little jar of yumminess.

thepiecesfit11 said...

Thank you for doing ours! We have great plans for sauces this fall :)