Sunday, September 18, 2016


What can I say about these fantastic plants??
They seem to put up with just about anything.
Even with this terrible drought we have experienced in Eastern Ontario
And I will add still experiencing ...
They are looking a bit bedraggled but continuing to be the show offs they can be
They do get attacked by slugs but the one nice thing about a drought ===== no slugs!

 One of my favourites I ordered many years ago from Gardenimport.
And the only Hosta in my collection I remember its name --- "Fire and Ice"

A few years ago we dug up the front Garden (with help from Sio and Will)
 and replaced the English Style with Hostas
I am so glad we did.
It is a lot less work especially with the red bark mulch we put down.
You will notice the drought damage.
Along with drought damage comes many many grubs which have done major destruction as well.
HB has put down nematodes and we are hoping they are doing their job...
Hope you are having a glorious day!!
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Susan said...

I think Hostas are just gorgeous, but so do the deer. I've been reluctant to plant any here, but I do have some shady spots that they would be great in. You have a green thumb!