Saturday, September 10, 2016

Friday at Presqu'ile Park

What better way to spend a beautiful Friday than with our two besties and a trip to one of our fav Provincial parks.
It's about 2 and a half hours from home to the park so yes we left early.
Along the way there was an escape and we slowly made our way past the wanted villains.

Feeling lucky we made it past them with no injury or lactose attack we continued our journey...

Arrived to the park around 10 and started our trek.

Altho it was starting to get pretty hot there were a number of lil birds that we spotted ---
I tried to get pics of the warblers but they are like wind up toys on speed so no luck.

There were lots of Monarchs floating around..

Nice to see them.

They have been fairly non existent in our backyard....
After our picnic lunch and being attacked non stop by nasty little stable flies...
We went to the Beach (being a Maritimer it always makes me chuckle to say that)...
Anyway we went to the Beach to check out shore birds and the sand seemed to be moving with them..


After that we were starting to get pooped so headed out of the park
 with a last shot of the day.

We stopped in Perth and had supper at a Mexican place on the Tay River.
Margaritas and Beer all round.
It was an awesome day as it always is ..
Back home for our friends to wait and wait and wait
 for the arrival of their first grand baby in 11 days ...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great day! We were pooped - slept like babies!

Susan said...

I love seeing your photos! What a wonderful day to keep in your heart, XOXO