Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mouse House and Blue Herons

Won't be long until the kiddlys in the neighbourhood start their summer holidays WOW!!

Yesterday HB and I visited the Mouse House...

We planned a tour around the property.

And altho by 8:00 the birdys are not so active we did hear and see a few
I had my camera but some of these little guys are so quick or just hiding really well I wasn't able to get many shots.
Altho I did get a pic of this rare bird

We did investigate a couple of Blue Heron nests in a neighbouring swamp.
Didn't visit long as we could tell our presence was not appreciated.


We walked close to 3 hours and we were all ready for a lunch
Deb put on a terrific one and I brought a rhubarb coffee cake which we had with tea --- Is that wrong?
Lunch and a wee visit and HB and I were off home.
It's close to an hour drive and we thought we might get some chores done in the aft.
Well if you consider sitting on the patio or cooking up potatoes for a salad or picking up a few groceries chores done. Then we succeeded.....

Thanks again everyone at the Mouse House.....

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