Friday, May 27, 2016

Rescue Mission

While gardening yesterday morning I heard a splish splash in our pond.
I ignored it kind of cuz we have lots of birds who like to sit on the rocks and have a sip and a bathe
However the splish splashing became  SPLISH SPLASHING.........
I ran or really hobbled (I agitated my MCL again) to the pond to find
 this baby squirrel trying desperately to do the dog/squirrel paddle
I grabbed the broom and lifted this little guy out of the water.

I must admit he was kind of exhausted so didn't give me too much fighting
And yes he does look like a drowned rat -- hahahaha

When last I saw him he was licking furiously and giving himself a dirt bath
Then off he scurried .....

1 comment:

ShannonAnn said...

Lucky little fellow to have you right there to save him! :)