Sunday, May 15, 2016

My Mother's Day ---- a week late post

I didn't get to spend the day with my girls but I had a lovely weekend.
HB took me to a lovely little yarn shop in Perth Ontario --- Unraveled
And yes I bought a few skeins of some beautiful stuff.

And no I do not have specific project Ideas except for one which I will tell you at the end.
So I may have to go back for more ... DARN!!!!

After walking the downtown doing some more shopping we stopped into The Mex Co for lunch.
Their patio is on the Tay River and it was a nice enough day to sit outside.
Chicken club wraps and a very yummy margarita.
A lovely relaxing afternoon.... then pizza for supper.

Sunday I did do a bit of laundry and tidy up the house but then the rest of the day I watched old movies and knitted.
HB made a delicious meal and did the dishes!!

Got a beautiful card from Holly and the kiddos with this key ring
It has each of the my G Kiddos names and birthstone.
The medallion says "We love you Nona to the moon and back"  Sniff sniff -- yes I shed a couple tears ..

I am using it on the zipper of my purse.

So yes the project .. I am going to attempt another pair of socks .. I really am determined to enjoy knitting a pair of socks. I have blogged about my sock knitting aversion but wanting to knit them.
I feel slightly schizophrenic about it.

Wish me luck!!
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Deb said...

HB ...he's a keeper. And what a sweet key ring. *sniff sniff*

Siobhan van Nieuwenhuyze said...

Oh my god, mom. I didn't know she sent you that. I just welled up sweet!

Iain Wilkes said...

it was a very good day - HB