Tuesday, May 17, 2016

French Macarons

So my big baking project was to make macarons.
I consider myself a fairly descent baker but I admit I have been a little hesitant. I have had these little confectionaries drifting around in my mind for a couple years  so this is it.
There are so many recipes for them but this is the one I decided to try

I got everything prepped for the big day.
Eggs out for 3 days
Ground almonds
Icing/Confectioners sugar
Oh yes and a bit of colour gel paste to make em perrty
Yes basically that is it.

I put on my apron I got a while back from Susan @ http://mymothersapronstrings.blogspot.com

And off I go.......

All seemed to go great.

They even came out of the oven with their little feet.
I made a chocolate ganache to sandwich in between.

They should have baked a wee bit longer cuz they were a bit gummy inside.
Will I try again??
You bet!!
If you have any suggestions let me know.
And leave a comment so I know you have visited!

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