Thursday, February 11, 2016

Photo Nature Challenge

Last week I was nominated by Deb to a photo nature challenge on Facebook.
As I have mentioned before I don't do Facebook very often but remain connected
 because of friends and family who do not use Instagram or Twitter.

Anyway .....  Here are my contributions to the challenge ....

What's Up with this weather Doc?

Somewhere in the Lanark Highlands
                                                   Farm in Snow
Lonely Sunflower 

Snowy owl on Light Standard

Tractor in Snow
Mourning Cloak Butterfly on Passion Flower plant


Deb said...

All very pretty.

Country Gal said...

I did the challenge twice on FB it was fun , I dont connect my blog to FB as there are some people from my past I just don't want to read it and they have no idea of how blog work anyways so no fear of them finding it lol ! Lovely photos . thanks for sharing Have a good day !