Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Few Finished Yarny Projects

Finished off some mitts for Miss D
They keep her lil hands toasty
I think a couple more pairs are in order
I have lots of endling yarns in my stash
So thinking of doing "crazy" mitts

Cowls are done for Miles and Riley and have been shipped off.
Here is the one I did for Miss R being modeled .. a wee bit reluctantly by Addy

Sparty is a bit more of a cooperative model.

 Another reluctant modeling job.............

This one is for Mr. M


Deb said...

I'd keep one eye open at night. Addy looks ticked. lol Nice knitting, Martha.

Country Gal said...

They look great . My mum used to knit mitts hats and scarves for us kids when we lived on our farm , she also did a lot of sewing , crochet and embroidery on top of her home made cooking and baking , oh those were the days . Thanks for sharing , have a good weekend !

Susan said...

Great hobby in the winter! I usually have something on needles, but I'm just so far behind. Love seeing your projects, XOXO

mike janssens said...

May I ask what yarn you used, pattern you used and number of stitches you cast on for the child's cowl?