Friday, January 29, 2016

These Aren't the Droids We were Looking for -----

Last week was date night ----
We took advantage of Reel Deal Tuesday or as we have come to call it
El Cheapo afternoon
It was great --- no big lines and everyone who was there were pretty well behaved.
Of course most of us well past the driving age.
Altho there were a trio of young guys who sat in front of us and one of them had bathed in his cologne.
Maybe there was something happening later ???
Yup we released in our nerdselves and after watching the trailers for the new Star Trek. The new Avengers. The new X-men. I am willing to accept that "YES" I am a nerd ..... because I will watch ALL of them.
Maybe not the theatre but definitely T.V.
And then it happened....

Star Wars

Yes it was predictable.
Yes there was a wee bit overacting.
And yes I enjoyed all of it :-)

After fighting the Dark Force we were hungry so off to a favourite restaurant --- Thi Fusion.
Had a nice glass of Cab Sav and a Bento Box with Teriyaki salmon.

Home in time for a relaxing evening.

Just the kind of date night HB and I can handle..



Deb said...

Glad you enjoyed it. That food looks scrumpdillyishus.

Linda said...

Sounds and looks perfect!
Have a great weekend..
Linda :o)

Linda said...

I looked for you on Instagram....
There are a few zazanana!
Easier if you look me up...@lindakeaveney...