Tuesday, December 15, 2015

To Sock Knit or not to Sock Knit

After talking to my friend Joyce the other night I may try sock knitting again.
She loves knitting socks and always has one on a needle.
We went to Costa Rica a few years
 ago and I remember her sitting on our patio
sipping Guaro Sours and knitting her socks.

She is very encouraging....
She has also volunteered to take my socks and knit the offensive heel for me ..... I LOVE YOU Joyce !!

I love the sock yarns especially the self striping and patterned

You can see my knitting buddy Lucky in the reflection of my computer screen in the pic above.

It is that da** heel turning that gets me
I think I may just need to close myself in a room with absolutely
no distraction when that part comes up.

So here I go again .....
Wish me luck


Deb said...

Good luck.

Susan said...

I still need to make a pair. Good intentions, but I let time get away from me. Good luck, XOXO

steph said...

absolutely....you can do it!!!!! good luck!!!!

karen said...

yes you should sock knit. I am all for your trying and getting a pair of lovely socks!!