Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sugar and Spice

My house smells like chocolate and cinnamon and peppermint
There is Christmas music blaring or is that me squeaking out a Christmas tune

I must be baking

Yup that's what I am doing.

Over the years my baking has been reduced considerably and our family tastes have become -- should I say it -- more adult
Not so many ooey gooeys and cutout decorated sugar and gingerbread cookies
More biscottis and shortbread

I still make marshmallows and sponge toffee


And Christmas would not be Christmas @ 44 without Peppermint Squares

Hey maybe our tastes haven't been that adulted up

I found Christmas Peeps at of all places The Dollar Tree.
So I have made up a lot of little S'more bags for a few lil ones in my life

I have the forms for the gingerbread all baked and ready for construction
Miss D may be a wee bit too young to know what it is all about
 but that won't stop her Momma or me
After all it is all for the Kiddys right??
I only wish my other G Kidds Miles and Riley could help us out
Of course being 2000 miles away makes it a we bit of a problem

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