Saturday, October 24, 2015

Legwarmers for Miss D

It seems like all of a sudden our hot and humid summer here in Ontario is gone..
We are steam rolling into cooler temps
Not cold enough for snow suits but certainly cold enough for legwarmers
My daughter Siobhan @  Mom in Progress  likes to go for her 5K walks every morning and now that it IS cooler asked me if I could make Miss D leg warmers "Why of course I can"
I picked up a terrific Berocco Chunky in grape at our local Wool Grower's and got to work
And here is the finished project

The pattern couldn't be simpler
And I found it here @  Never Not Knitting
I did make up my own pattern for this one.
I may have to whip up another pair .....

What's for supper?

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Siobhan van N said...

Daphne has the toastiest thighs ever!