Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Celebrations and a Heartbreak

Had quite a week here at the ole ranch
We were invited to celebrate a 1st and 60th birthday party.
HB and I were quite honoured to be included in the celebration.
It was for my walking buddy Deb's retired guy and granddaughter.
You can see the celebration HERE
Then we got to spend the afternoon with
Our sweet lil Miss D
Terrific weekend you are thinking.
And you would be correct ......
Until we came home Saturday night and found this
The big beautiful locust tree in our neighbour's yard had split and toppled onto our roof.
At first we thought it had been hit by lightening as we had been having some very bad storms.
But it just seems the poor ole tree was rotted.....
We found a fantastic arborist --- recommended by another neighbour ---
He came to assess first thing Monday morning and by Monday afternoon was working at getting the tree off our roof.
Unfortunately the tree --- which we have figured out to be close to 60 years old  ---- had to come down.
We are heartbroken over this
Neighbours Tom and Melanie watching the chop down :(

The arborist came back on the Thursday and took the whole thing down.
They chipped and chopped and took everything away.
Even cleaned up the street of all the rogue branches and saw dust.
Tom and Melanie are talking about planting another in its place.
After all of this I came down with one heck of a cold but I won't
 bore you with those woes.
Suffice it to say I am still recooping.....


Jane and Chris said...

Thank goodness no real damage was done.
Jane x

Deb said...

Oh, that is so sad about the tree. What a shame to lose it and all the shade it provided. I walked by your place yesterday and it looked so odd. It will take time to get used to it. Another tree planted is a great idea. Oh that little D...adorable. "Hi Addy"

Knatolee said...

I hate it when trees have to come down, especially beautiful old ones like that! My Japanese Flowering Plum didn't make it through last winter. :( It sounds like your roof is okay. I hope so!