Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ready for Miss D

She is almost here....
So here is a glimpse of how things are going
Her bedroom is ready for her
Her Nona has been feverishly sewing lots of things .. burp cloths.... hooded towels 
I was so excited to give them over to Mommy and Daddy I forgot to take pics.
A little sun dress
More dresses and sun hats to come.

She is in what is called Frank Breech which means not only is she bum down .... her little legs are folded up over her face.
as my son in law Will has put it .......  She is in a pike position 
So this means that a caesarean section is probably the order.
Doctor appointment this week to verify dates.
we are over the moon that we will be meeting our sweet lil Daphne soon.

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Susan said...

I love being a "Mimi" and know the excitement you're going through. Congratulations to everyone, XOXO