Friday, July 18, 2014

Kool Aid and Vintage Musings

This time of year brings on memories of
my sweet mother and Nana.

Maybe it just makes me think of those carefree days of childhood ---- riding bicycles -- drinking kool aid (o dear I can't imagine what colour my insides
internet image
look like) -- playing red light -- going home when the street lights came on -- a quick bath -- snack -- slipping into cool crisp cotton sheets -- then getting up the next day to do it all again.
Recently I have become quite enamored with vintage everything.
I inherited quite a few linens from my mother in law.
As well as lovely platters and jugs.
Please indulge part my collection

I use all of these things on perhaps not a daily but quite regular basis.
The image of linens flapping in a warm summer breeze .......
I want to start looking in thrift stores for vintage pillow cases and anything else I can find.
I have also seen instructions on how to crochet edging onto pillow cases.

internet image
Uh oh ----- another project!!!!!
I did see a set of dishes in a little store on our main street that I really have to check out. 

Here are a cream and sugar that dates back to the late 1700's
It has been passed on to me from my grandmother and I believe was brought to Canada by her family from France or Switzerland when they emigrated

Don't get me wrong I love my modern conveniences too.

Couldn't live without my stand mixer
and rockin red food processor
my HD TV
and couldn't just wouldn't give up my Android phone
o yes and frozen puff pastry

I guess I am thinking to myself that right now I am lucky to be living the life I am.


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