Monday, July 14, 2014

A June Garden Tour

Yellow Lilies adorn our blue shed
Irises to honour my late mother in law

Bridal wreath Spireas were flowing this year

Siberian Irises

Lovely big Hostas in dappled sunlight

Great year for peonies

Blueberry Vibernum
Looks like lots of blue berries for the birds this fall

A study in black and white
A study in camouflage
Some tools of mine
gardening journal to keep track of lists, and plans
shades to keep those squinting wrinkles to a minimum
smart phone for those all important texts and quick snaps of the garden
(altho all the pics of the garden were taken with my Nikon)
Potting up geraniums
My gentle nod to all the beautiful red geraniums in clay pots I saw in Italy

Garlic almost ready to harvest
Hoping these bunnies are the only bunnies that hang around the herb garden
Still loving our blue shed
Yellow loosestrife.
Yes a cousin to the dreaded purple loosestrife.
But not invasive and its YELLOW ---- one of my fav colours in the garden


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Mariodacatsmom said...

Your garden is gorgeous. I'm so very envious. Mine is slowly falling apart as I just can't tend to it anymore.