Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pretty in Pink

After months of planning my daughter Siobhan's baby shower was on.
I spent most of the week before making tissue paper flowers.
Making a diaper wreath.
Mandi made this awesome diaper cake!!
Prepping loot bags (how can you have a party without thanking all who came)
Shopping for decorations and food.
Cooking up eggs for egg salad sandwiches.
Baking a four level rainbow cake
Amazing what you can do with a white cake mix and a few tablespoons of jello powder.

All of a sudden our house was filled to the brim with friends and a lot of love and laughter.
Siobhan's friends from Toronto ( Heather and Mandi ) and I kept this thing a secret although Siobhan being my daughter figured we were all acting "strange"
There were little splashes of pink everywhere.

Oh well she was thrilled and seemed to enjoy herself.
Although her big sister Holly could not be here we made sure she was part of the celebration.
The theme of the shower was a very loose interpretation of "The Mad Hatters Tea Party"
So of course we had lots of teas --- although the cucumber water I served seemed to be the most popular.

And guests were asked to wear "garden party hats"

There were egg salad sandwiches with dill.
Cucumber, cream cheese, and chive sandwiches
A Greek platter ----- hummus, tzatiki, olives, feta
Lots of fresh veggies.
Jam tarts.
Grapes and
That four layer cake
HB took Will (daddy to be) and David (Mandi's BF) to our local pub for a beer and some male bonding.
Of course they were back in time for gift opening..
Our friends were very kind and generous to the new parents to be.

Look forward to meeting you ---- Daphne Iris Evelyn
It was a lovely afternoon.
Thank you everybody!

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