Saturday, March 8, 2014

Potpourri Post

I feel kind of behind the times right now.
Maybe in a bit of a winter blues funk.
But the sun is shining today and it is just creeping above zero.
I also want to thank those of you who have been encouraging me to keep up with this blogging thing.

And the time springs ahead tonight.
Got a new do and I have started a weight loss journey.

Deb and I are chatting about getting back to our walks.

Made these hobo mitts to wear while out taking pics with HB.

These are a MARTHA STEWART pattern and are the easiest fastest knit up.
He is well into his second month of his Lanark Big Year.
Click HERE to read about it.
Unfortunately it has been a dreadful start and the birds are few and far between.
Although there seems to be a plethora of Blue Jays.
Here are some silly pics of

and Riley

We will be welcoming a new granddaughter the end of July.

HAPPY just does not seem to be enough of a word to express our feelings!
Of course now I am working on wee baby things.
Next on the list wee hats!
Still working on the second blanket for my Alberta grand kiddos!
Hope you all enjoy the weekend and that spring comes soon for you!

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