Sunday, January 19, 2014

HB's Big Year

A couple years ago HB did an Ontario Big Year and had quite a bit of success.
Now that he is capital "S" semi retired he has lots of time to do another.
However this time he is concentrating on the county we live in -- Lanark.
You can read all about it here ---
I usually tag along once a week to be another set of eyeballs and take some pictures.

The weather has been okay although the last couple of times we've been out it has not been conducive to good picture taking
We usually pack up a lunch, a few cookies, and the always welcome tea thermos.
A few weeks ago we were ready to head home when HB got a text from one his birding buddys saying there were Snowy Owls sighted.
So off we went in search of them.
After searching close to an hour we were ready to give up when SWOOP this guy flew across a field and landed majestically on a light standard.

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